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Explore futures and options for future index, Stock, future index Nifty and future index bank nifty. Do analysis of active OI gainer stocks, active OI loser stocks, Active by no of trades, Active by OI% gainer and Active by OI% loser, Active by %price change, Active by no of contracts etc. Get the most active future and options stocks & indexes like bank nifty, nifty 50. Learn more about future and options trading.

Active By Contracts

Symbol LTP Contracts Exp Date
NIFTY 22542.60 125588 2024-04-25
BANKNIFTY 47912.30 124510 2024-04-24
HDFCBANK 1489.55 60122 2024-04-25
KOTAKBANK 1742.55 35894 2024-04-25
ICICIBANK 1083.40 32686 2024-04-25

Active By OI

Symbol LTP OI Exp Date
IDEA 13.60 1946000000 2024-04-25
IDFCFIRSTB 78.85 334913000 2024-04-25
TATASTEEL 164.65 238887000 2024-04-25
PNB 135.90 223904000 2024-04-25
GMRINFRA 84.60 187875000 2024-04-25

Active By OI Gainer

Symbol LTP OI Gainer Exp Date
IDEA 13.60 88000000 2024-04-25
IDEA 13.70 14640000 2024-05-30
IDEA 13.80 9120000 2024-06-27
NTPC 353.85 9069000 2024-04-25
PNB 135.90 7536000 2024-04-25

Active By Traded Value(Lakh.)

Symbol LTP Traded Value Exp Date
NIFTY 22542.60 1415480 2024-04-25
BANKNIFTY 47912.30 892875 2024-04-24
HDFCBANK 1489.55 493762 2024-04-25
PNB 135.90 321798 2024-04-25
SBIN 773.90 299343 2024-04-25

Active By Price(%CHG) Gainer

Symbol LTP Price Chg Exp Date
GNFC 705.50 10.84 2024-06-27
CANFINHOME 821.30 7.13 2024-06-27
PNB 137.50 6.63 2024-06-27
PNB 137.00 6.61 2024-05-30
MANAPPURAM 198.00 6.54 2024-06-27

Active By OI% Gainer

Symbol LTP OI% Gainer Exp Date
IDEA 13.60 4.74 2024-04-25
IDEA 13.70 10.49 2024-05-30
IDEA 13.80 103.64 2024-06-27
NTPC 353.85 10.31 2024-04-25
PNB 135.90 3.48 2024-04-25

Active By OI% Loser

Symbol LTP OI% Loser Exp Date
VEDL 300.00 -3.52 2024-04-25
ONGC 276.40 -4.3 2024-04-25
SBIN 773.90 -3.74 2024-04-25
GMRINFRA 84.60 -1.45 2024-04-25
HINDCOPPER 312.70 -7.5 2024-04-25

Active By Vol% Gainer

Symbol LTP Vol% Gainer Exp Date
NESTLEIND 2590.10 1100 2024-06-27
ULTRACEMCO 10181.00 900 2024-06-27
INDHOTEL 623.25 850 2024-06-27
RBLBANK 258.40 800 2024-06-27
BHARATFORG 1157.95 750 2024-06-27

Active By Vol% Loser

Symbol LTP Vol% Loser Exp Date
HINDCOPPER 318.55 -97.73 2024-06-27
HINDCOPPER 315.00 -96.56 2024-05-30
HINDCOPPER 312.70 -92.41 2024-04-25
ABFRL 239.25 -92.15 2024-05-30
TITAN 3789.60 -88.24 2024-06-27

Active By OI Loser

Symbol LTP OI Loser Exp Date
VEDL 300.00 -4439000 2024-04-25
ONGC 276.40 -3534300 2024-04-25
SBIN 773.90 -3352500 2024-04-25
GMRINFRA 84.60 -2767500 2024-04-25
HINDCOPPER 312.70 -2665900 2024-04-25

Active By Price(%CHG) Loser

Symbol LTP Price Chg Exp Date
GODREJCP 1215.85 -4.61 2024-06-27
GODREJPROP 2411.00 -3.95 2024-04-25
GODREJPROP 2425.70 -3.9 2024-05-30
GODREJPROP 2440.75 -3.8 2024-06-27
DLF 910.35 -3.32 2024-04-25


What is Future?

A future is a contract to buy or sell an underlying stock or other assets at a pre-determined price on a specific date.

What is option?

A Option is contract that gives an opportunity to the investor the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the assets at a specific price on a specific date, known as the expiry date.

What is future index?

Index futures are contracts that allow a trader to purchase or sell a financial index today and sell on later date on or before underlying expiry date. Traders speculate on the price direction of an index, such as the Nifty future, Nifty 50 future, Bank nifty futures, IT index future etc.

What is difference between futures and options?

The prime difference between options and futures is that futures need the contract holder to purchase the underlying assets such as commodities or stocks on a respective date in the near future. Options, on the other hand, offer the contract holder the choice or option of executing the contract.

What is future and option strategy?

There are many futures and option strategies. Nearly 52 strategies are there for options. A straddle is options trading strategies. Here a trader buys both a call option and a put option on the same underlying asset with the same strike price and expiration date. A trader can make money with this strategy when prices move a lot in either direction.

How to trade in future and options?

To invest in futures and options, you would need an F&O Demat and trading account. To invest in futures, the investor pays a margin which is a portion of the total value of contract. Once the margin money is paid, the exchange matches your order with available buyers or sellers in the market.

How to trade futures for beginners?

  1. First find the direction of major index like Nifty, Bank nifty.
  2. Find the best stock or index to go long or short as per direction analysis.
  3. Establish a trading plan. Plan your trades carefully before you establish a position.
  4. Protect your positions.
  5. Go slow. Means start first with 1 lot of any asset.
  6. Learn about technical analysis & then pace your trading.
  7. Think long and short both as per index direction.
  8. Don’t be in hurry. Market is not going anywhere.
  9. Be patient.

Is F&O and intraday same?

No, Intraday trading is when you buy and sell stocks within the same day. F&O trading is when you buy and sell contracts that give you the right to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price on a future date.

Which is better option or future?

The advantages of options over futures are well-documented. You can start option with very little money. The advantages of futures over options include their suitability for trading certain investments, fixed upfront trading costs, lack of time decay, liquidity, and easier pricing model. Generally big player, play in future market and sells options. While retail traders buy options.

Is F&O trading profitable?

In a research report brought out recently, markets regulator Sebi showed that the futures and options (F&O) trading was a loss-making proposition for investors. The report revealed that 89% investors lost money through these activities, and only 11% made profits.

What derivative means?

A derivative is a contract between two parties which derives its value/price from an underlying asset means cash price of asset. The most common types of derivatives are futures, options, forwards and swaps. It is a financial instrument which derives its value/price from the underlying assets. Generally big player use future and options to hedge the portfolio.

Which is safe future or options?

Futures and options trading both carry risks. Options contracts lose their value quickly due to strong theta decay and may result in a total loss if not exercised on time. Individual investors, however, face greater risk when investing in futures.

Why option selling is best?

Selling options can help generate income as premium upfront and hope the option expires worthless. Option sellers benefit as time passes and the option declines in value. In this way, the seller can book an offsetting trade at a lower premium and earns profits.