Premium Services

Find the different types of Money Tree Robo premium services for Indian stock market. Pro+ services includes Pre-market screener, Fundamental Stock Screener, Indicator stock screener, Auto signal, EOD stock screener, Stock signal, Stock signal alert for NSE stocks

Money Tree Robo Pro+

Following are the uniqueness of Money Tree Robo Pro+ app.

1. Live Buy/Sell/ Hold signal for every stocks. 

2. Targets/ Stop losses/ Support/ Resistance for every stocks for Intraday, short term & long term. 

3. Unique Pre-Market Analysis. 

4. Easy scanning from any sector with " Trading Tools " feature with more than 93 Strategies. 

5. All Trading Tools scans are so refined acts like tips. 

6. Easy making Intraday Strategy, Short Term strategy & Long term strategy with " My Strategy " feature. 

7. Signal Alert from any sector or FNO stocks. So that you don't miss the right stocks at right time. 

8. Layman way of making portfolio for wealth creation by Robo called " Robo Portfolio ".

9. Easy charting to see 10-12 charts within 1 minute for  intraday. 

10. Tips by Robo saved in Tips menu for Intraday & positional. 

11. Live scanning called " Auto Signal live & Trading Tools. 

12. End of the day scanning which acts like tips next day in " Screener EOD " feature. 

13. Refinement of your own strategy in " My Strategy " feature & checking its performance by saving into Watchlist & Portfolio feature. 

14. Unique Sector Analysis & Market breadth analysis

15. Nifty/ Bank Nifty signal alert with Buy Above , Sell Below and TGT, SL. 

16. Unique chart & Levels to plot Buy Above, Sell Below, Pivot, Yesterday High low, Weekly high low etc. 

17. Five minutes to 60 minutes gainer alert system. 

18. Targets  & Support for all stocks for Intraday, Short term, long term. 

19. Commodity Signal, Buy Above, Sell Below, TGT, SL etc. 

20. Commodity Signal Alert system. 


All most many features are INNOVATIVE & UNIQUE in this industry.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

1. Robo will analyse your portfolio give sectorwise listing & will suggest to optimize it.

2. Robo will suggest which stocks to ADD and which stocks to Exit.

3. Robo will suggest top 5 stocks for 2 Weeks, 1 Month, 3 Months and 6 Months daily.

4. Robo suggestion is like Tips which gives Live suggestions.

5. Robo will give you suggestion as per your profile like age, risk, return etc. Means it will be personalized suggestions.

6. This feature is good for people who don't know how to choose stock.

Option Chain Analysis

Future & Option all Premium features:

    a) OptionTrading Terminal : It will help you for stocks & Index future & options: This will enable you to see more than 15 parameters of stocks future & Option, Index Future & Option datas in one go and give you clear cut view of direction. 

    b) Support & Targets: This is for stocks & Index options for all strikes: You will be able to find any strike price target & support & ressitance on this signal page. BUYING of option at key support & SELLING of option at key resistance point is success mantra in option game.

    c) Change in Highest OI Call Put data: This will enable you to find where the highest CALL & PUT strikes for Index & stocks. Is it changing or not? If there is change in Highest CALL PUT OI, this will give you ideas of stocks & Index direction, support & resistance point.

    d) Option Analysis : It will enable you to find either CALL, PUT, or BOTH type of data analysis for stocks & Index. This will help you in finding the direction of stocks & index accurately.

    e) Option Historical data: This will enable you to analysis last 30 days Option data like OI, trades, OI Change etc. This will enable your analysis for a particular strike price and give you clear view of direction.

    f) Signal: You will get all F&O stocks signal with BUY ABOVE, SELL BELOW. You will get Nifty Signal with levels.

Expert Advisory

Following services are provided by our expert team.

1. Stock Cash

2. Nifty & Bank Nifty Future

3. Intraday Stocks

4. Stock Options

5. Nifty & Bank Nifty Options


Under PMS services, following are the details.

1. Minimum capital required 3 Lakh

2. Upfront Charges of 3% of Capital in advance (Minimum Rs.10000) as security money.

3. Profit Sharing 70% yours & 30% ours (70:30). PMS above 5-20 lakh, 75:25% profit sharing ratio, Above 20 lakh, 80:20% profit sharing ratio.

4. Give your tension to us & you just relax.

5. Stocks selection with the help of Money Tree Robo. NO human interference in selection.

6. Minimum return expectation 30-45% in a year. This is just 5 yr average return. If market support, it may go upto 60-70% in short term & even better than this. 

7. Sharing of profits on realized profit/loss on monthly basis. Brokerages & other charges will be yours.

8. Maximum 8-10 stocks in a portfolio.

9. Gaurantee of capital protection if you are with us for minimum 3 yrs.

10. Benchmark return Nifty 500

11. Our unique Money Tree Robo software is our MOAT to deliver consistent return with 100% capital protection.

12. If interested please Whats app "PMS" to 8800109358

13. FREE Money Tree Offer, Portfolio above 5 Lakh, Money Tree Robo App is FREE & 10-15% referal commision.