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Get the right stocks at right time by robo for swing trading, Intraday stocks, BTST stocks, Positional trading stocks

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Screener EOD: It scan stock after market hrs between 8pm to 8.15pm. It is very refined scan which acts like tips for INTRADAY, SWING TRADING, Positional for 0-5 days


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Global Market

AutoSignal Live: This is a live Intraday Screener exactly like Screener EOD Strategies boxes. Scans are very refined, it acts like tips for 0-5 days.

Free Stock Tips

Watchlist Signal

My Portfolio

Robo Portfolio: Robo recommend stocks on the basis of Age, Risk, Time horizon etc. Its reccomended stocks works for Intraday to Positional.




Price Alert

Commodity Signal: Here you will get Signal,Targets and Stop losses , and Buy/Sell levels.

Customized Screener: It is a live Screener which scans as per your given criteria & enable you learning scanning techniques.

Trading Tools: It has more than 90 plus strategies like Bullish Candle, Engulfing, Open=High, Open=Low ,Postional Buy, Swing Buy etc which filters from desired sectors in Live. Many combination of O=L, O=H

Auto signal Most Common: Filters common stocks from different screener boxes in live market. This feature enable you to find high probable stocks for sure shot.

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Nifty Tips

Special Screener: Easy way of finding jackpot, Intraday, Short term, Dntrend, Uptrend etc from any sector

Premium Stock Tips

Stock Ideas e.g Value Picks, Multi-bagger, Warren Buffet Style, CANSLIM Method etc with good fundamental stocks.

My Strategies e.g This is your live customized strategies with saving option of your criteria. You may formulate your strategies very easily, edit live and scan live & find your scan secrets. This feature enable you learning different scans.

Support & Targets: Here you can find Support and Targets of any stock from NSE stocks along with Resistance for Intraday, positional etc.

Weekly Newsletter

Open Interest Analysis

Screener EOD Most Common: Filters common stocks from different screener boxes after market hr. This feature enable you to find high probable stocks for sure shot.

Market Activity

Monthly Newsletter

Robo Free Stocks

Robo Premium Stocks

Market Breadth

Sector Analysis

Stock New Ideas

NiftySignal: Live Nifty/Bank Nifty signal is recorded here along with recommended price and signal change time.

Signal Alert: Here you will add your sector and watchlist to get Signal Notifications. Add 2-3 Signal like IntradayBuy, JackpotBuy, & IntradaySell to get notification on mobile screen.

Signal Notification: Here all the notified Stock and Commodity Signal are saved as per your added Signal alerts.

Chart and Levels: It enable you to plot many levels like yest High,Low, Pivot levels, Weekly High Low with Candles & Line chart in Intraday.

Partner Program: You can make your own clients by referring this app and can earn 30-40% commission. Also earn Rs.5 for every successful registration.

Hourly Gainer Loser: This is basically INTRADAY Alert and showing %chg move in last 5min,10min,15min,60min. You can get alert in Intraday as per your interval & %Chg move setting.

Back Test: Backtest performance of Autosignal, Screener, My Strategy

Trading Terminal


Option Chain

Option Analysis

Option Dashboard

Future Dashboard

Highest OI Call/Put History

Option Trading Terminal

Option Tips

Option Screener

Option Support & Target

Option Data Historical

Option Strategy

Portfolio Analysis

Intrinsic Calculator AutoFills

Fundamental Screener

Indicators Based Screener

Pre-Market Screener