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ParametersPre. Value(Cr.)Value(Cr.)Impact
FII Index Fut-322.7-99.8Neutral
FII Stock Opt-12407.56832.7+ve
FII Stock Fut-1979.8-1583.5-ve
FII Stock Opt-355.7-193.1Neutral





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Special Screener

Special Screener

What is Stock Screener?

-Stock screener is basically a tool to find the best probable stocks on given certain criteria out of complete list of all NSE stocks & BSE stocks. Without screener tool, it is impossible to find the right stocks at right time. Screener may be fundamental analysis based, technical analysis data based & both. It fully depends upon the investors & traders choice, what they want to use. But combination of fundamental analysis & technical analysis gives the best results for the short term period say 1 day to 3 months.

Money tree robo is basically stock screener based on all technical, fundamental & both. You can apply any combination in scanning the best stocks for  intraday, BTST, Swing trading & Positional trading. Its special screener is quick way to find any signal stock like IntradayBuy, IntradaySell, JackpotBuy, JackpotSell etc from any sector.


Salient Features of Special Screener:

1: Very easy & quick way to scanning Intraday stocks for today, Short Term stocks for today, Jackpot Buy/Sell stocks for today from all individual sectors & F&O stocks list.

2: Bullish stocks for today and Bearish Stock for today.

3: Every Sectors are listed in an easy way.

4. Stock are displayed with current share price, signal price & signal time so that you can easily grab stocks which are above rec price.


What is My Strategies feature?

-My Strategies feature is basically a custum based stock scanner. In these feature, you will be allowed to run your very easy query like less than greater on any technical indicators, fundamental parameters & many price based indicator criteria. After adding criteria, you will be able to save that permanently, unless you didn't modify it. In nutsell, it will make your scanner botton & get results just in a click.


Salient Features of My Strategies:

1: This is one of the marvelous feature. You can define your own criteria for BUY & SELL with different type of parameters from indicators to fundamental parameters & scan in live stock market for all NSE stock list.

2: You can save & edit criteria, refine your research criteria and scan live daily & EOD. You can apply to any your criteia to any sector so that you can get few results.

3: You can define unlimited criteria in easy way and scan stocks in live market.

4. Stocks are listed with Profit/Loss on the basis of BUY ABOVE prices so that you can see your performance of stock scanning.

5. Buy Above levels are such that if you can buy above this, there is very high chance to get profit same day.

6. Buy Above levels are also given in Technical Analysis page of every stock.


My Stragies

My Stragies



What is Backtesting in stock market?

-Backtesting is the process of testing a trading strategy on historical data to find its accuracyTraders & Investors often use this technique to find the best suitable trading strategy for intraday trading, swing trading & positional trading.


Money Tree robo is providing you such tools & process to find its accuracy of AutoSignal, Trading tools, My stratigies feature & screener EOD.



Salient Features of Backtest of NSE stocks:

1. This feature will enable you to backtest the performance of money tree robo scanner like Auto Signal Live, Screener EOD , My Strategies feature & Trading Tools feature. Auto Singal live, My strategies, Trading Tools are intraday stock screeners. Screener EOD is end of the day stock scanning feature.

2: This feature will give you confidence in trading by checking performance of different types of stock.

3: Backtesting is very important in trading stock market.

Salient Features of Stock Ideas:

1: This feature will provide different strategies stocks like Warren Buffet method of trading, CANSLIM method, Good Fundamental Stocks, Value Pick stocks, High Dividend Stocks & many money tree robo trading strategies etc.

2: All stocks are well researched. Holding period is from 1 Month to 24 months with targets and Stop Loss. These recommended stocks are for swing trading, positional trading method.

3: Criteria Selection of every strategies are also written in every boxes.

4. Stocks are presented in such a way, you can see here date & time of posting with profit/loss.

5. Five Model portfolios are given. It will have 6 stocks. It will be selected for 1 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months and 12 months return period. Stocks are chosen such that overall minimum return of 2% in a month. Means net positive return should come in a month.

Stock IDeas

Stock IDeas

Signal Alert

Signal Alert

Salient Features of Signal Alert:

1: This feature is innovative way of adding your alert for any stock, sector, watchlist & portfolio, Commodity Signal, Signal from Trading Tools, Auto Signal, My Stratigies, Nifty Index share price and Bank Nifty share price alert etc. After adding your option in Signal Alert menu, you will get notification on the Mobile Display.

2. Our reccomendation is add 2-3 signals for Nifty 50 share price, banknifty share price & Nifty next 50 index stocks or F&O stocks list for Intraday profit. Otherwise add your favourite stocks in watchlist and add that watchlist for alert here. If you find best scan from Auto Signal, add here & get notification for that particular scan.

3. To receive Alerts, first you add your Signal/Sector/watchlist/Nifty/Banknifty in the Signal Alert menu.  Add separate signal for every watchlist, Sector, Portfolio, Stock etc. This is one time job. It is very easy to add & delete. We recommend you keep 2-4 signal. Don't add too many watchlist, sectors, & portfolio. Keep it only 1-3 entries, otherwise you will receive too many alerts with repeative symbols.

4: You will receive your Signal alert like IntradayBuy, JackpotBuy, ShortTBuy, IntradaySell etc  in the menu " Signal Notification" starting time 9.15am to 15.15pm at every 15 minutes inverval. 

5: After this feature, you don't have to open and see your Jackpot calls in the app. It will come on your mobile screen like other app notification.

6. If you find any issues, logout ,then login.

7. See Money Tree Robo  you Tube video and add your alert to get alert. Check all videos & learn how to use.

What is Support & Target levels in stock market?

-Support is the level of stock price for any stock at which it has bounced in falling market in past. It is the price level at which every stock market expert starts buying in that particular stock. There are two type of supports. One is called minor support & other is called major support. Mostly experts buy at major support. Once any support is broken in falling market, it becomes resistance for upcoming days. Check nifty level today and bank nifty level today


-Resistance is the level of stock price at which any stock has fallen in rising market in the past. Every stock market expert try to sell any stock which reaches at that level from bottom. Once resistance is broken, it become support for upcoming days.


So always try to BUY stocks at major support & try to SELL at resistance. Share price never go in straight line remember it. Old buy book profits at resistance levels & new traders buy at that level thinking that it will cross resistance level. But that most of the time stock don't cross resistance level. So better to sell at near resistance level.

Moving averages like 200DMA acts like major support. Or price level at which any stock found support more than 3 times in the past, act like major support.

10DMA, 20DMA, & 30DMA moving average acts like minor support. Check moving averages method, moving averages indicators use and many more trading methods in these stock market articles. Eg. Stock market what is?


Money Tree Robo provides pre calculated all type of support, resistance & targets for Intraday trading, short term trading & long term trading perspective. There is no need to ask anyone for all type of price levels. You will get BUY ABOVE & SELL BELOW levels also for intraday, short term & long term trading.



Support & Target

Support & Target

Trading Tools

Trading Tools

What is Trading Tools in Money Tree Robo?

-It is collection of more than 150 stock market strategies based on price, indicators, fundamental stocks data. In fact, it is stock scanner for pre-defined criteria from any sector of choice. It scans stocks in live market & best suited for Intraday trading & Swing trading for 0-10 days.


Salient Features of Trading Tools:

1: It is another best features which allow you to scan live without waiting for our Auto Signal showing stocks.

2: It has more than 90 tools and strategies. It scans stocks live at clcik of a botton. Suppose you want to apply a strategies & want scan from Nifty 50 or FNO stocks Or Nifty 500 etc, you can do it. Means very refined scan only from your selected sector. In Auto Signal, it scan from full NSE stocks.

3: Here you can find Jackpot Calls without any delay.

4. Stocks are listed when predefined refined criteria is met & removed if not met.

5. In Auto Signal, once stocks listed in any boxes, it doesn't deleted if criteia is not met after some time. But here is not the case.

6. Also, more tools are given here which are not present in Auto Signal Live stock screener.

7. See you tube video & learn how to use.

What is Open Interest analysis in stock market?

-Open interest is the total number of outstanding derivative contracts, bought or sold, not all together. It may be options or futures that have not been settled by end of the day. Open interest is commonly associated with the futures and options markets for stocks, index, commodity etc.


Long build up means-An increase in open interest along with an increase in price.  it is said to confirm an upward trend.

Short build up means- An increase in open interest along with a decrease in price. It also confirms a downward trend. An increase or decrease in prices while open interest remains flat or declining may indicate a possible trend reversal.

Long unwinding means-Decrease in opne interest along with decrese in price.

Short covering means-Decrease in open interest along with increase in price.


Future & Option trading stocks may be categorized as Long Build up stocks, Short build up stocks, Long unwinding stocks, Short covering stocks.


Salient Features of Open Interest Analysis

1: This feature allow you to find the future stocks which you can go long, short etc.

2: Here you can also find which future stocks are getting unwind and short covered.

3: Here stocks are listed in very easy way to analyse yourself also on the basis of %OI Chg, %Vol Chg, % price Chg etc from previous day and choose the best stocks for the day. Suppose %OI is increasing and %Vol is also highest  along with positive change in previous day among Long Build stock, then it is sureshot BUY Call. Similarly if %OI is increasing and %Vol is increasing along with decreasing stock price, then it is sureshot SELL call. Choose top 3 , %OI ,%VOL & %Chg  gainer/loser and enjoy BUYING and SELLING future stocks with 1.5% intraday Stop Loss.

4. You can sort stocks on the basis of any parameters and analyse. 


Open Interest

Open Interest

Sector Analysis

Sector Analysis

What is Sector Analysis in stock market?

An assessment of the economic and financial condition of a given sector of the economy is called Sector Analysis. Basically, it is top down approach of investing. Stock market expert & professionals first analyzes which sector is performing best in 1 week, 1 month, 3 months 6 months etc and then choose the best stocks of that particular sector for investment.

In Bull market sector gets rotated automatically e.g if today, sugar & cement is doing well, then tomorrow another sector say steel & CG may lead the index. So in this way, daily different leader of different sector lead the index. Sector rotation is correct way to identify that we are in bull market or not. So in top down approach, investors choose the best stock of best performing sector.

Money tree robo sector analysis feature enable you to find the best performing sector & its best stocks in very easy way.

What is Watchlist Signal in Money Tree Robo?


Watchlist signal is similar to our special screener feature. In special screener, it gives results from different sector, while in watchlist feature, it gives results of scanning from your watchlist.


Salient Features of Watchlist Signal:

1: Very easy & quick way to scanning Intraday stocks for today, Short Term stocks for today, Jackpot Buy/Sell stocks for today from all individual watchlist & all watchlist combined in a single go.

2: Find Bullish stocks for today and Bearish Stock for today.

3: Every watchlist are listed here to filter any type of stock signal.

4. Stock are displayed with current share price, Today's volume & today's % chg price so that you can easily grab stocks which are signal stocks.

Watchlist Signal

Watchlist Signal

Market Bredth

Market Bredth

What is market breadth in stock market?

Market breadth is defined as how many stocks are participating in a given move in an index or on a stock exchange in particular trading day. It is basically calculated by total advancing stocks divided by total declining stocks. So it is the ratio of advancing stocks to declining stocks. If no of advancing stocks are more than declining stocks, then ratio will be more than 1. Check fii dii data, fii activity, dii activity etc.


So Advance / Decline ratio is a measure of breadth of market. The Advance / Decline ratio or the A/D ratio is one of the most popular measures of breadth of markets.


Money Tree Robo will give you snapshot of market breadth for every sector/industry. This feature will help you in gauging market sentiment is bullish or bearish quickly. Quickly find the adv/dec of NSE every day in live stock market.

What is Chart & levels of Money Tree Robo:

Chart & levels are unique feature of money tree robo to plot levels like pivot levels for daily, weekly & monthly stock data on chart. It gives clear picture, how any candlestick pattern is making on chart. You can also plot these levels on intraday chart of a stock. In this feature, you can plot daily, weekly, monthly & intraday chart. In intraday chart, you can plot 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m & 60m chart with all these pivot levels, BUY ABOVE, SELL BELOW levels for daily, weekly & monthly data. Check Nifty levels , bank nifty levels for trading. Also check Nifty live today ,Bank nifty live today.

Also you can plot yesterday range, weekly range, monthly range of stock on end of the day chart & on intraday chart. Get other live stock information like open, high, low, LTP & %Volume for the stock.

Chart And levels

Chart And levels

Partner Program

Partner Program

Partner Program

What is hourly gainer loser in Money Tree Robo?

-In this feature you will be able to know which stock is moving in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes & 60 minute. 

-These data is very important to find the latest breakout stock in different time interval. 

- This feature works fine for intraday trading, swing trading & BTST trading technique.

- You can find breakout stocks from any sector like F&O stocks list or all NSE stocks.

Hourly Gainer and Loser

Hourly Gainer and Loser

Nifty Signal

Nifty Signal

Nifty signal feature of Money Tree Robo:

- This feature gives signal for Nifty, bank Nifty.

- You will get Intraday buy above levels, sell below levels for Nifty live share price & bank Nifty live share with targets, stop loss, bank nifty support & resistance levels.

- Also get short term Nifty share price target, bank Nifty share price target with BUY ABOVE & SELL BELOW levels.

-You get even long term Nifty share price levels & bank nifty share price levels with targets, stop loss, support & resistance levels.

- Get Nifty & bank Nifty signal time with Rec price also.

- These all information are very important for Nifty Options & bank Nifty option trading. Check  52 option trading strategies.

What is Pre Market Analysis for NSE stocks?

Pre-market trading is the period of trading activity that occurs before the regular market session. The pre-market nse session typically occurs between 9 a.m. and 9:15 a.m in indian stock market. Check pre market screener.

How this feature of Money Tree Robo helps Intraday traders?

Pre market analysis feature enable traders to find the last 4 days of pre market data with Close, open, %Chg, % Vol, Volume etc & many more information. This feature is unique to MONEY TREE ROBO. This feature give great help in finding various pattern of pre market for sureshot picking of stocks for intraday today.