30-Nov 09:30
Open2117.352 WH2642
High2117.352 WL1357
Pr.Close2099.6Mkt cap84.94
Av. VolumeATP(Aprox. )2103.67
Last Vol152367.00Vol %60.63
5 DMA16375920 DMA227749.85
10 DMA16856850 DMA249369.06
Rs 1 Month-0.09Rs 6 Month1.06
Pivot PointLTP2099.9
Sell BelowBuy Above
Shot Term2045.18Shot Term2150.18
Long Term2080.1Long Term2220.43
Buy TargetSell Target
Shot Term2255.18Shot Term2009.06
Long Term2360.75Long Term1908.83
L Day2117.320952099
L Week213120612099.35
L Month23372056.352103.85
L3 Months23372056.352252.7
L6 Months26421885.451929.5
Movining Av.(SMA)
5 DMA2097.6650 DMA2124.56
10 DMA2103.789 DMA2222.33
20 DMA2112.07100 DMA2219.02
30 DMA2122.85150 DMA2099.24
34 DMA2123.54200 DMA1937.2
5 DMA2116.6730 DMA2153.61
10 DMA2132.0134 DMA2071.6
20 DMA2230.5850 DMA1903.18
T Chg(%)0.01 %3 Months-6.80573 %
1 Week0.476088 %6 Months8.80311 %
1 Month-0.431484%9 month46.6923%
1 Year10.6638 %YTD0.000428776 %


What is the share price of Ceat Ltd.?

Ceat Ltd. share price is ₹2099.9 As on 30 Nov, 2023 | 03:32PM.Company shares prices keep fluctuating as per market conditions. There may be many reasons to rise and fall of share price of stocks. It may be market conditions, it may be sector and industry reasons and it may be stocks itself like earnings, order, upgrade or downgrade etc.

What is the Market cap of Ceat Ltd.?

The Market Cap of Ceat Ltd. is ₹8494 Cr As on 30 Nov, 2023 | 03:32PM. Market capitalization, or market cap, is the total value of a company's shares of stock. It is one measurement of a company's size. A high market cap signifies that the company has a larger presence in the market. Larger companies may have less growth potential compares to start-up firms. Market capitalization refers to how much a company is worth as determined by the stock market. It is defined as the total market value of all outstanding shares. To calculate a company's market cap, multiply the number of outstanding shares by the current market value of one share.

What is the PE ratio of Ceat Ltd.?

The P/E ratio of Ceat Ltd. is 16.28 As on 30 Nov, 2023 | 03:32PM. Price to Earnings Ratio or Price to Earnings Multiple is the ratio of share price of a stock to its earnings per share (EPS). PE ratio is one of the most popular valuation metric of stocks. Typically, the average P/E ratio is around 20 to 25. In general, a high P/E suggests that investors are expecting higher earnings growth in the future compared to companies with a lower P/E. A low P/E can indicate either that a company may currently be undervalued or that the company growth has stagnant due to its matured stage.

What is the 52-week high and 52-week low of Ceat Ltd.?

A 52 week high of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2642 while 52 week low is ₹1357. A 52 week high, as the name suggests, is the highest price that the security/stock has traded over a 52 week period i.e. a year. Similarly 52 week low is the lowest price that stock has traded over a 52 week period. It is a technical indicator that is used to analyse the security's current price. The 52 week high and 52 week low are also used to predict future movements as well. 52 week is bullish signal and 52 week low is bearish signal.

What is Support price of Ceat Ltd.?

First support of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2090.23
Second support of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2081.47
Third support of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2067.93
Traders use support to plan entry. Support is the level at which demand is strong enough to stop the stock from falling any further. Support is specific point on chart at which maximum buiying occurs.

What is Resistance price of Ceat Ltd.?

First resistance of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2112.53
Second resistance of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2126.07
Third resistance of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2134.83
Traders use resistance to plan exit of trade. Resistance is the level at which selling is strong enough to stop the stock from moving up any further. Resistance is specific point on chart at which maximum selling occurs.

What is Ceat Ltd. share price target 2023?

First target of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2275.12
Second target of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2446.38
Third target of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2555.77

What is Ceat Ltd. share price target 2025?

First target of Ceat Ltd. is ₹2967.94
Second target of Ceat Ltd. is ₹3120.00
Third target of Ceat Ltd. is ₹3318.75

What is Ceat Ltd. share price history?


Historical share price of stock is needed to find the trend of stock, performance analysis of stock price. History of share price is also used to find the demand and supply by analyzing volume data if available.

What is the ROE (Return on Equity) of Ceat Ltd.?

The ROE of Ceat Ltd. is 5.51% . Return on equity (ROE) is the measure of a company's net income divided by its shareholders' equity. ROE is a gauge of a corporation's profitability and how efficiently it generates those profits. The higher the ROE, the better a company. A return on equity ratio of 15% to 20% is usually considered good. ROE is a gauge of a corporation's profitability and how efficiently it generates those profits.

What is the Earning per Share (EPS) of Ceat Ltd.?

The EPS of Ceat Ltd. is ₹128.98. Earnings per share (EPS) is a company's net profit divided by the number of common shares it has outstanding. EPS indicates how much money a company makes for each share of its stock. There's no fixed answer for what is a good EPS. When comparing companies, it's helpful to look closely at how EPS is trending and how it matches up to competitor earnings. Remember that a higher EPS can suggest growth and stock price increases.

What is the ROCE of Ceat Ltd.?

The ROCE of Ceat Ltd. is 9.05%. Return on capital employed is a financial ratio that measures a company's profitability in terms of all of its capital. ROCE is similar to return on invested capital. It's always a good idea to compare the ROCE of companies in the same industry. The higher the ROCE, the better it is. The ratio calculated as 20% is considered good, indicating the company is more profitable and has a stable financial position in the market.

What is the NPM (Net profit margin) of Ceat Ltd.?

The NPM of Ceat Ltd. is 1.64%. Net Profit Margin is a financial ratio used to calculate the percentage of profit a company produces from its total revenue. Net profit margin helps investors assess if a company's management is generating enough profit from its sales and whether operating costs and overhead costs are under control.

What is EBITDA of Ceat Ltd.?

The EBITDA of Ceat Ltd. is 8.51%. EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. It is the alternate method of measuring profitability in net income. EBITDA is useful when comparing companies with different capital investment, debt, and tax profiles.This key profitability measure is one of the main measures of a company's financial health and ability to generate cash. It is one of the most widely used measures of a company's financial health and ability to generate cash.

What is Debt to Equity ratio (D/E Ratio) of Ceat Ltd.?

The debt to equity ratio of Ceat Ltd. is 66.40. The debt-to-equity ratio (D/E ratio) shows how much debt a company has compared to its assets. It is found by dividing a company's total debt by total shareholder equity. Generally, a good debt to equity ratio is around 1 to 1.5. However, the ideal debt to equity ratio will vary depending on the industry, as some industries use more debt financing than others. A higher D/E ratio means the company may have a harder time covering its liabilities. It will be very hard if the economic scenario worsens.