Why MoneyTree Capital


We have dedicated team to develop and do stock market research. Outcome of this is our most innovative and unique stock market app called “ Stock Screener: Money Tree Robo Pro”. We are continuously working to make it better.


Money tree robo has solved what to buy, when to buy , when to sell and when to hold problem of every traders and investors. This app is gold mine for expert as they understand technical and fundamental analysis. They can take decision within a minute. They can find the daily jackpots and sureshot stocks to buy and sell to their clients.

Novices can learn what works and what not, by following our app for minimum 6 months. Also they can use our signal for Buy/Sell without any fear.


About of the app:

Money Tree Robo is a nice Stock Market APP for Intraday Trading and Positional trading. It automatically generates Intraday Stock Tips. With the help of this APP, any body can trade Equity & Commodity market very easily. It provides software generated stock calls for Intraday trading, Short Term trading and long term trading in the form of JackpotBUY, ShortTBuy , IntradayBuy etc.

APP has many screeners which works like different strategies to select the stocks. 

Auto signal is live Intraday stock screeners. It scans stocks on regular interval and puts into different strategies boxes for Intraday Trading during market hours. It gives BUY/SELL levels with Targets and Stop losses. So Auto Signal Live screener is designed to Intraday trading. It beautifully works for swing trading and positional trading for 0-30 days also. Every screener is independent stock strategies.

In this APP, you can find all technicals of a stock in single page which help in decision making for expert. If you are new to stock market, you can use our signal for trading and investing. In this APP stop losses are also provided for intraday, short term & long term which will help in reducing losses. 

Here you can create your own watch list, portfolio and see the signal for every stocks automatically. Here signals are generated automatic. No human intervention is there, no emotion in taking decision. Just follow our decision and trade with confidence. Follow our signal or use our stop losses to exit position.

Salient Features of the APP:
1. Pre market prices.
2. Automatic JackpotBuy, IntradayBuy,Short T Buy and Sell signal.
3. Many type of unique screeners (EOD) like Jackpot1,Jackpot2, Weekly High, 3 Months High,Bullish candle, Breakout etc for both Bullish and Bearish.
4. Live pre defined stocks screening called Auto Signal
5. Cutomized Live Stock screening with Technical and fundamental Analysis and special screener like Jackpot, Intraday, Short term etc.
6. Unique watch list
7. Unique Portfolio
8. Unique Robo Portfolio
9. All most all technical data at single page like SMA,Vol SMA, Pivot Points (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)
10. High low close prices for 1day,1week, 1month, 3 months, 6 months etc.
11. Sector specific stocks
12. Compare fundamental of all stocks in your watch list, Sectors, Screener and in Auto Signal list.
13. Interactive live chart
14. Stocks performance like 1 day, 1week, 1 month,3 month, 6 months etc.
15. Commodity & Commodity Signal.